The Ride

The camp grounds offers primitive camping only, but there is a bath house with toilets and showers. Onsite we have a 20 stall barn, and there are also a couple hoses for horse water. Please clean up your area before leaving! There is a designated spot for dumping manure.

You must add to your entry form the number of nights you wish to camp and/or use a stall, otherwise I will assume it is 0 and more than likely the campsites will be booked out rapidly. You will not be reserving your sites though the Forestry this year!

It is a small venue, and I will try my best to fit as many as possible. Please help let as many as possible enter the ride by trailering together whoever that can! I will add a box on the Entry Form where those who “Trailerpool” can let me kn0w so I know how many trailers I have coming instead of just number of riders.

Please understand that I need Day 1 Riders (LD & R&T) to clear out by 4pm at the latest to make room for day 2 riders. If that will not be possible then please let me know so I can make a plan. I strongly encourage those who are able to just drive in the morning of to do so, and will reward you with a Day Rider Discount.

Check in, Ride Meeting and Awards are all at the Pavilion.
Ride information and all final decisions will also be posted there.

Potluck dinners and Endurance Bingo, please bring a dish!



373 Southwest, US-27, High Springs, FL 32643

Do not just put in River Rise Preserve State Park or River Rise Park Horse Trails into your GPS as that will not take you to the correct location.
On Google Maps when putting in the address provided the name that will pop up is River Rise State Preserve Horse Barn.

(subject to change, please check back)

12.00 – Registration Open
4.00 – 6.00 – Vet In
6.00 – Potluck Dinner
6.30 – Ride Meeting
7.00 – Endurance Bingo

6.00 Vet in for non campers
7.00 – Start of 2-day 100
8.00 – Start of 25 miler
9.00 – Start of R&T
2.00 – Awards
6.00 – Potluck Dinner
6.30 – Ride Meeting
7.00 – Endurance Bingo

7.00 – Vet in for non campers
8.00 – Start of 50’s & 2-day 100
9.00 – Start of 25 miler
3.00 Awards for 25 milers
TBA – Awards for 50’s & 2-day 100